Welcome to Rwanda a smallest country in East/Central Africa. Rwanda before was much known for the gorilla safaris, wildlife tours, chimpanzee treks, cultural safaris and the genocides but today the country is much growing as far offering birding safaris in National Parks and other Important Birding Areas is concerned.

Rwanda has got 3 national parks and each with the unique tourist attractions that pull travelers to visit them. The Volcanoes National Park is famously known for the gorilla safaris which for over several years has attracted tourists from the entire world to come and experience this life time memorable adventure. Still before this experience was so much opt by travelers due to the short distance drive to this park but since the mid 2017 the gorilla permit was hiked from $ 750 – $ 1500 USD and now the flow of gorilla tourism is low and now most tour companies customize birding and gorilla safaris in low seasons with the visit to 2 or 3 parks of Rwanda to secure for their clients a discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda of $ 1050 USD.

This park (Volcanoes) offers also other tourist activities like the golden monkey tracking, Dian Fossey hike, Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi hike. With more time tourist can still experience excursions like the Iby’wacu cultural village, visit to the Musanze caves, Buhanga Eco Park, twin Lakes (Bulera & Ruhondo) and for the Eco tourists do not miss to visit the Dian Fossey Museum and the Gorilla Doctors Centre.

Akagera National Park situated in the eastern part of Rwanda and bordering with the Tanzania wildlife corridors is famously known for the best wildlife safari tours in Rwanda and here experience the game drive viewing safari looking for African wildlife species like Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Leopards, Rhinos, Giraffes, Water and Bush Bucks. Then in the afternoon and evening enjoy the boat cruise along the Lake Ihema and at the shores of the Lake much more birds can be spotted.

Nyungwe Forest National Park found in the southern part of Rwanda bordering with the Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Famously known for Chimpanzee trek and Canopy walks and at this park you can stay for quite long period of time looking for the various species of birds.